Woke up like this

Woke up and decided that my sleepwear is too cool to not be worn out so I layered it up with a tee and oversize coat to beat the cold with to run errands around with. Haha., I'm kidding of course. Well, half kidding. I didn't sleep in this slip dress. But the part that it is a sleepwear is true; it belonged to my mom and she used to wear it to bed before I stole it from her closet. What a way to recycle.

But in my defense before you go judging me if you aren't already, slip dresses are a big trend these days. And because they are, the are also ridiculously priced, way more than the average amount I would pay for a regular dress, let alone a sleepwear. Because let's be honest, they really are meant to be worn for sleeping. So yes, instead of buying a new one from the cheapest viable option that is Zara, I decided to just raid my mom's closet because she's always been into slip dresses ever since I can remember. She has tons, she won't even notice I took this one piece out. It still looks perfect though, doesn't it? Like it's all brand new.

On another note, this is surely my last entry for 2016 and typing just that make me feel different kinds of emotions all at the same time. I'm really happy with how my year went so far. This year has really been about, as Kylie Jenner would say, "like, realizing stuff". I went through so many challenges in life, with work, financially, emotionally, and I'm ecstatic to share with you each and every time that I overcame all of those challenge. I feel like I have matured a whole lot this year after being away from my family and my comfort zone that is this little city for most of the time; travelling, for work and for personal pleasure; taking up on more  responsibilities; there were just so much life lessons learned; new knowledge and wisdom that I will be taking with me to the coming year and that makes me a little nervous but more excited than ever to face what's waiting for me.

2017 will definitely be more challenging than this year, at least I know for a fact that the first quarter will be. And I know that I'll be faced with some serious shit and life changing decisions too. But I've prepped and and still training myself so that when that time comes, I'll be fully equipped and ready.

Here's to welcoming 2017 with high hopes and on a positive note, and of course, to looking fly and slaying while at it!

Happy New Year, ya'll!

Lots of love,


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Coat : Forever 21][Sneakers : Adidas x Stan Smith][Tee : Bershka][Bag : Zalora HK] 


  1. I never would have guessed that was your sleepwear. Rock that slip dress layering!


  2. The sleepwear is seriously too cool to be not worn outside.

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