Too late for CNY

Checking in from Manila, though this outfit was taken weeks back during the CNY holidays. It's just been a bit crazy at work these days with lots of events coming up and all that, plus of course I still try to maintain a normal social life so I've been kind of running here and there fulfilling duties. Anyway, now I have a little time to kill before I doze off and call at a day so let's chat for a bit.

This outfit is essentially what I wore during on the last day of the CNY holidays, seemingly appropriate because of the embroidered gold fish and all but of course this is a Japanese souvenir jacket that I didn't get from Japan from a real souvenir from the Wynn Signature shop nonetheless. But like I said, it seems fitting anyway so why not.

In other stories, Valentine's Day was just ugh... I was just sick all day, couldn't eat a thing literally because my stomach was throwing a fit and just couldn't take anything in. I was going to the bathroom constantly but I won't go into details because that's just disgusting so let's just say story short, Penguin and I ended up just staying in for the night because of my condition. I'm still not well so to speak. But we did a little early celebration just the weekend before because I was pretty sure something would come up on the 14th being it was a weekday and that was a good call.

Besides, I ordered a present for Penguin from an online store and they arrived on the very day; he also got me a surprise present which was totally unexpected because, well, I would never have expected for him to buy me cosmetics. So even though I was sick and all, safe to say we still had a pretty decent little home night celebration.

Anyway, I suppose I'm going to call it a night; try to get some sleep because it's going to be a long day tomorrow and I'm still doing so well so I'm going to need all the rest I can get. Talk to you guys soon!



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Tee: Bershka][Jumpsuit : Tobi][Sneakers : Vans][Jacket : Wynn Signature][Sunnies : Forever 21][Clutch : MCM]


  1. Love the bomber jacket!


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  3. Love the art on this bomber, the back is super cool. Awesome ootd!

  4. great jacket

    Mrs. Aa


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