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Checking with a backlog of outfit photos from the CNY holidays. I was planning on doing a Tobi lookbook because I bought a bunch of stuff there last year and I just received them recently - parcel got stuck in the middle of the holidays so shipping took a while; but I never really got around to completing the looks that I wanted to create out of the pieces that I bought so I'll just go ahead and share the looks in individual outfit posts.
One of the pieces that I bought is this camouflage sweater dress which I really liked when I saw it on the model. I got the exact same size that she was wearing but when it arrived, it's actually bigger than expected. The only way for me to wear it as a dress without looking like it swallowed me was to tie a knot in front or on the side. Here, I just tied one in front to create a sort of drape-y effect but really, what I wanted to do was just shorten the hem and pull the waist closer together and make the whole thing a bit more form-fitting.

In other news, I'm heading to Manila for work next week. I can't believe that my first trip of the year will be for work yet again, and in Manila nonetheless. But this time, I think that it will be less stressful. Not that events are never not stressful but you know, a little less is already a big sigh of relief. 

Anyway, let's see and I'll tell you more about it once I'm there and if I do get the chance to document and write a little bit more about other things besides work in Manila; like perhaps this time I can finally try swimming at the Solaire pool because despite having stayed there for a couple of times already, I never got the chance to do so. So yea, here's to hoping that does happen.

Talk to you again real soon!



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Sweater: Tobi][Jacket : Stussy][Cap : Adidas][Boots : Zara]


  1. Obsessed with your jacket!


  2. I love how you customized your dress by tying the front. What a great solution for something that's too large! You styled it perfectly!

  3. It looks perfect like this!! The knot creates the perfect shape for you, and it fits perfectly! I hope you have a great time in Manila!

  4. Love your charisma!

  5. Awesome street style. I love the army dress, the way you've made it more fitting by putting it in a knot in the front.
    Happy weekend!


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