Circa '89

Quick check-in for today just to share this outfit that we shot last week before this becomes another overdue post. I will be busy come May because I will be travelling on the first week and when I get back, I'll be working so much with the upcoming events that I have on hand. So this is me letting you know in advanced to expect a little sporadic posting schedule once again. But I'm sure I will have lots of content to share with you guys specially after my trip so do stay tuned.

Now, the outfit. Have I mentioned how perfect this jacket is? I think I did the first time I featured them here. Well, they are and I just can't tell you enough how much I love them; they're the perfect hung-loose fit which basically means it looks like it swallowed me but I like it that way. I was going for a retro-inspired look hence the denim on denim - here paired with one of my best vintage finds.

Penguin and I have become so used to Lightroom that color grading is not a task any longer but something fun to experiment with. Honestly, this set wouldn't look half as cool had I not added a bit of warmth to it because it was so gloomy when we took these outside of Penguin's apartment building. A little bit of imaginary sunshine is all I needed to achieve that magic hour kind of setting. Would you have guessed?

Anyway, let me leave you with these for now as I need to work on a couple of stuff before I fly off. But in the meantime, for my local Macau readers, do check out my articles at I've been contributing to this Lifestyle Magazine for a while now and haven't really got the chance to telling the world. Here's the link to all my articles; check then out and let me know what you think!

Happy weekend!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Jacket : Hey Jude][Jeans : Macau Vintage Market][Top : Zara][Shoes : Vans][Bag : Zalora]


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