Elevated Monochromes

So in love with this new jacket that I scored recently at a Korean brand reseller in Hong Kong. Korean street fashion brands just has me by the throat; I love their products so much so that I'm already saving up for my upcoming trip to Seoul for shopping because I plan to go all out. Yes, you read it right, next destination is South Korea! But more on that later.

Back to the Jacket, this one's from a brand called Hey Jude. I know it looks somewhat like my Forever 21 hoodie here but I couldn't care less because I was after how it fits me more than the embroidery on the sleeves. "Have you ever seen the coolest white denim jacket that fits perfectly?" I ask Penguin when he was challenging me with my purchase. "Nope, which is why I don't own one yet" he says. "I have" I tell him, "and now I own one".

Here, I'm wearing it with another Korean branded piece, this jumpsuit from Drivestore. I've had this for a while now but it's only recently that I'm really obsessed with them. I suddenly have so many ideas on how to wear them when the warmer days are upon us. Wait for it.

I'm also wearing my latest sneaker pick up which is the latest drop from the Fenty x Puma creepers collection. I am so in love with them you have no idea. If only I can wear them everyday, I promise I would. But because they're cripsy white, I gotta be extra cautious when I wear them out and with the crazy weather we're having these days, I won't even dare.

Anyhow, Happy Easter ya'll! Well, in a few hours at least because we officially say that on Easter Sunday which is the day that Jesus has risen. Not to get too religious or anything but I just to point it out. This long weekend is turning out to be very good as I'm getting to spend so much time outdoors with my family. We're usually all crammed up at home on regular days you see, barely speaking to each other because we're all on our little worlds; my parents will be onto the TV, my brothers' would either be playing music each their own or on their phones; my aunt would always be on the phone with her daughter and granddaughter back in the PI, and of course I'm lost in my own digital world if not editing photos, creating content for this blog, or online shopping. This weekend is a break away from all that and it feels good. Just exactly how Easter should be celebrated anyway.

What about you guys, do you celebrate easter? How has it been so far? Tell me.



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Zara][Jacket : Hey Jude][Jumpsuit : Drivestore][Sneakers : Fenty x Puma][Sunnies : Forever 21][Bag : Zalora]


  1. Cool pics, I love it!! Have a nice day sweetie! ❤

    PS: Follow each other? Let me know!

  2. Love your gorgeous outfit especially the adorable jacket, love your blog too. Thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!




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