Not My Kinda Summer

It's official, the heat is upon us. Gosh, I nearly forgot how irritating Macau's Summer can be; sticky and icky. The humid stays on with the head and whatever touches your skin sticks; the air is thick and the wind smells of molten rubber or something worse. If you've ever been here in the Summer, you'd know what I'm talking about and it's not funny.

But anyway, I'll leave the weather be because there's nothing much I can do about that. To conquer the heat with instead, I look to pieces that are seemingly banal but has the tendency of being barely there. Case in point, this top that looks so innocently unassuming but make me turn around and voila, my full back on display. But I'll admit I'm still a little timid so I purposely wore a backpack to cover up a little bit of my insecurity. 

These were taken the day before we flew out to Seoul; I just had a fresh new trim and was on my way to get new ink. Gosh, it felt like New Year and I was completely new person. Oh and the ink? I had LMV's logo permanently engraved onto my right wrist - will forever be Little Miss Violet after all, right? I also had my penguin tattoo touched up with some geometric addition. I'm not sure if I've ever shown my penguin tattoo here before but I'm pretty sure I have on instagram. But anyway, I'll take that in mind and perhaps I will this summer when I get the chance to go to the beach or the pool, show you guys what I'm talking about it.

For now, I'll lock myself in my bedroom with the air-condition in full blow. Hope you're having a warm and pleasant summer fam!



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Lash, Zalora][Joggers : Adidas Originals][Sunnies : Shanghai Tang][Backpack : MCM][Sneakers : Y3]