Plaža Pržno

While in Montenegro, every morning, Chezka and I would wake up really early to soak up the sun and catch some fresh air by the beach before we officially begin work. That became our routine for the whole 8 days that we we're there, exploring every little corner that there was of the area known as Plaža Pržno.

Our morning walks would lead us to cute corners and Instagram-worthy spots that we couldn't stop taking photos at. We would usually go down by the beach first, always planning to start out by taking a dip in the sea but the water was always too cold at that time of the day. We would then just sit on the beach chairs and chill out for a bit before deciding to continue or head back to our room.

On our last day, we took to explore the little streets and alleyways at the back of the resort we were staying at. Then we headed down towards the beach where we enjoyed a cup of coffee and toasts - a break from the hotel breakfast buffet that we had every single day, overlooking the waters. Never gets old.

I like that all the colors in this town is s coordinated - the terracotta roofs, blue painted doors and windows; even the plants agree in their various shades of greens. They all go well well together picture-perfectly. All I had to do was dress up in breezy clothes to blend in.

There's more travel visuals coming your way so stay tuned!



  1. Wow really love your outfit and also the place!

  2. I love everything about this outfit!! The colour of these pants ir gorgeous!! I like these pants with that white top and those shoes. You look so casual and effortless. So inspiring!!


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