Postcards from Sveti Stefan

Sending you digital postcards captured with love by yours truly from the beautiful island that is Sveti Stefan.
I'm no longer in Montenegro as we speak so it's about time to share my travel visuals with you all. I meant to share photos from our first few days there but I'm so enchanted by this island; the visuals that came out of our short visit to this place that I couldn't resist starting off with this set.

Sveti Stefan is a private islet and resort on the coast of the Adriatic sea in Montenegro. Fortunately for us, we were staying at a resort nearby, just a 20-minute hike up the hills and down the beach towards the famous island so during our work days, we got the chance to pay a short visit one morning. If you must know, I was in Montenegro for a business trip but more about that later.

The whole place is just so picturesque that I don't know if my photos even did it justice. I wish we could have gone inside or at least swam at the beach but because it is a private island, only resort guests are allowed to enter and swim there. 

We stayed for a mere two hours before heading back to the resort we were staying at and in fact, working at. I'll tell you more with the rest of the travel visuals that I'm putting together for your viewing pleasure but for now, I'll move on to telling you where I am. Actually, take a guess! Hint: Kings' Landing.

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