Gucci Gang Gucci Gang

GG is actually a term that my brothers use whenever they see something dumb, so let's just say it's not a very positive thing to be labeled GG. But where I'm concerned, it's all about Gucci, as in the GG Supreme Canvas. But yeah, whatever.

Anyhow sorry for my sporadic posts, I've committed to a new activity to help me forget about my miseries at work and that is redecorating my room. It's kept me busy that's for sure, so much so that I now again have a backlog of outfit photos siting in my draft posts waiting to be published when I remember I still have a blog. I tend to forget these days. I think it's because it pains me to look at my recent travel posts - I miss Europe so bad, Croatia in particular. I have this itch to go to the beach or at least the pool that I haven't been able to scratch and by looking at my blog makes it worse. For real.

Chezka has developed this fear that she might crave for tre leche, a type of cake that we always had for dessert at Langust in Montenegro, and if that happens, she wouldn't know how to deal with it because there's no place we can get that anywhere here. And I completely agree with her, tho I don't care for the cake. To me, it's really the whole experience and wanting to do it allover again. Sigh.

Back to reality, what I did miss about being in Macau tho, is getting to dress up with clothes that I'm really comfortable in and my sneakers. With all the cleaning and purging I've been doing with my room and closet these days, I realised that if I ever move out of Macau somewhere far, I'm really going to have a hard time taking my stuff with me because I have a lot - clothes and shoes in particular. You know, it's not nearly impossible for me to just do that one day so I'm really thinking about it hard. I have a lot of must-haves so picking out only pieces to bring isn't an option. They must all go.

This outfit for instance, can't do without each and everything that went with it because first of all, the sneakers - these are hard to find. Had to go through nearly every sneaker store in Seoul before Penguin and I came across this pair of Air Max Tn's; then this skirt, bought it off from the sales in Zara but it's so versatile I can wear it everyday multiple ways so I can't leave give it up; then this tee - you know it's a meme, hard to come by; And don't get me started on the bag, it's my latest splurge so definitely not. So yeah, just saying.

Seriously though, I've been thinking a lot about living abroad for a while. I have an idea where I want to but I'm still ruling out pros and cons while figuring out other options. What do you think - do you guys have any idea where is a good place to live for a while, explore and get creative? Intrigue me. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Tee : Tomato Library, Seoul][Sneakers : Nike][Skirt : Zara][Bag : Gucci][Sunnies : Shanghai Tang][Cap : H&M]


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