Timepieces & Whiskies by DFS Macau

Amidst the chaotic situation that Macau is currently facing, I hope you can forgive my lack of updates. It's been an unusual weekend for all of us and I just can't find it in myself to write about fashion or anything in general. I don't know, I guess it's the mood of the city overall.

But anyway, here's a quick update sharing with you guys a visual recap of this recent event that I attended in behalf of Macau Lifestyle. If you don't know already, I contribute to this online lifestyle Magazine based in Macau where I write mostly about fashion and lifestyle.

The event was for the opening of the newest gentlemen's hub in the form of Timepieces & Whiskies by T Galleria DFS. As the name suggests, the concept store is all about watches and and alcohol. To my local readers - worth a check out for gifts and whatnot for the men in your lives. The event came in a perfect timing because Penguin's birthday was on the following day so I didn't have a hard time getting him the ultimate gift from the classic whiskies section.

I won't write much about the store but if you want to know more, go on read the full article I wrote for Macau Lifestyle here. And of course, more articles by yours truly on this page here.

On an unrelated not, here I am sitting at home getting ready for the next typhoon to hit us while the whole city is still recovering from the devastating typhoon Hato that just passed. Fingers-crossed and praying we'll be able to handle this one better than the previous. Hope you have a safe and sound weekend, ya'll.