Urban Island | Jeju

Checking in from the beautiful island of Jeju, South Korea! I'm back here again for work, but this time a little more optimistic in getting to see more of the island itself than the city that we're usually staying at.

Anyway, before I flood this space with long travel visuals once again, I wanted to share this look that I shot when I got here, featuring this really cool mesh sweater from 5 Preview c/o Holystreet.com. I was planning on wearing it as is but it's quite chilly here in Jeju, can't really walk around with a top that's barely there so I threw on this coat last minute. Good call though.

I'm also wearing this pair of socks from 5 Preview which is so rad - a daily reminder to stop wishing for what you want but starting working. Honestly, there's a lot of legit graphic and slogan clothing articles from 5 Preview and all other brands carried by Holystreet.com, including Cheap Monday, Sweet SKTBS, Nike, Adidas, and more. If you're a fan or urban wear, streetwear, and athleisure peices, this site is worth a check out.

Good news is the site is having its Anniversary Sale from September 14 until the end of this month. In addition to 20% off on 1 item, 30% off on 2 items, and 40% of 3 or more items, free shipping is also offered.

Anyway, I leave your for now as I have to return to work mode. Make sure to check out Holystreet.com if you can.

Have a great week ahead and talk to you again soon!


[Coat : Dorothy Perkins][Shoes and skirt: Zara][Sweater and Socks : 5 Preview][Sunnies : GU][Bag : Nessa]


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