Pink and Green

It's starting to feel like fall these days with the cool winds blowing in the early mornings and evenings. I can no wear thin layers and long-sleeves without getting irritated and I like it. Dressing up is going to be much more fun again though I have to say that this has been one of the easiest Summers I had to dress for.

I've already started taking out some of the pieces that I wanted to wear but haven't worn due to the heat, like this collared top I got from Jeju last month, and started wearing them one by one. Fall really gets me excited, every time. So if the kind of weather we're having now continues on, you'll soon start seeing more layers again in this section of cyberspace. Oh and have you noticed my new fury friend? Yes, this furry bag strap is my new favourite accessory (well, second to my Off-White bag of course), and I love that it screams fall. You'll be seeing more of this attached to my other bags so be warned.

Anyway, just had to check in quickly and let you guys know I'm still here. You know I'm committed to Instagram more than this blog not by choice, just because it's easier, but even the past few days I haven't been able to keep up with my insta-posts. Gosh, my job is slowly taking over my life and I have to really do something about it sooner than later. I don't know what or how but something has just got to change. Like, for real. And fast. Sigh. I'll spare you guys the boring details of why my first-world problems are actual problems because I know some people have it worse than my situation so I'll just stop here and let you guys worry about your own issues.

Hope you guys have a much better week than I know I'm about to have in the coming ones!


[Top : Spao][Skirt : Lash][Sneakers : Axel Arigato][Sunnies and Bag Strap: GU][Bag : Nessa]

Photos by Paulo Alfonso


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