DFS Masters of Time Gala 2018 Macau | VLOG

macau fashion blogger at DFS masters of time Macau

Last weekend, I got invited by DFS (Duty Free Shops) Group for a staycation at the Venetian Macao for their annual Masters of Time Exhibition opening event. I was so thrilled and because it was the first weekend that I was free of all work projects, I wanted to make sure I made the most out of it by documenting and putting together a video. Besides. I haven't done a proper VLOG in a while so I was really excited to just get back to it.

The whole event was absolutely amazing and fun; a completely different experience for me, learning about watches, caviars, whiskies; meeting new people who share the same interests that I have. It was the break that I needed and away from all the poker I have had to deal with for the whole year.

macau fashion blogger at DFS masters of time Macaumacau fashion blogger at DFS masters of time Macaumacau fashion blogger at DFS masters of time Macau

Anyway, back to the event, in case you aren't familiar, Masters of Time Exhibition is an annual event held by the DFS Group where they showcase curated luxurious timepieces by some of the most prestigious brands, the likes of Angelus, Blancpain; Breguet, Bulgari, Chopard, Girard-Perregaux, Glashütte Original, Hublot, Jaeger-LeCoultre and many more.

Each year, there's a theme and this year's is focused on the concept of memories - commemorating life's most significant moments according to Christophe Chaix, the SVP for, Fashion, Watches, Jewellery and Accessories, DFS Group, and whom I met and regarded as a seasoned, adventurous, French man - with good taste might I add.

The pieces, including including some unique and one-off pieces, such as Bulgari’s Diva’s Dream High Jewellery Watch (DFS Special Edition) and Piaget’s Limelight Mediterranean Garden Necklace, will all be on display at T Galleria by DFS at the Four Seasons Hotel. But don't take my word for it because last I heard, some of the items have already been bought even before the Exhibition opened so they're already off the market, for either viewing or selling. And yes, they are also for sale (to anyone who can afford the price tag, yikes!).

macau fashion blogger at DFS masters of time Macau
macau fashion blogger at DFS masters of time Macau

I checked into the hotel on Friday and few hours after came the media preview where we got to see the collection first-hand before the Exhibition opened. The media preview was intimate in a way that we were all gathered in a small hall, divided into four sections on each corner, each featuring what makes up the Exhibition's theme of memories: "Nostalgia, Adventure, Memories, and Heritage". Then we got to visit each section and know more about what are the pieces curated for each category and why. It was a fun learning experience specially since I don't know much about the world of watches. In between, we also got to sample fine whisky, the most expensive caviar knowns as "Beluga", French Osters, Champagne, and some canapés.

After the preview, we had a little intimate dinner with the DFS group, the PR agency who were taking care of us, and of course the few media people in our group. We just talked, connected, and overall had a lovely night.

The next day, breakfast and lunch were also arranged for us, at Cafe Deco, and Belcancao at the Four Seasons. It was optional of course so no pressure waking up early to get to breakfast. Penguin joined me for lunch as he stayed the night over after working (he was also covering the event, filming the making of and event highlights). Unfortunately he always finished working late at night so we were on different schedules. But we somehow made it work as he was still able to join me for meals at least.

Last activity was the Gala, which I guess marked the opening of the Exhibition. Honestly, I didn't get to explore much of the area during the Gala because there were so many people! But I'm happy that I got to chill out with different groups of people who are all super nice. That enough made my night.

Like I said, I filmed the whole weekend and fortunately I got them all compiled into one proper video before I left for Manila this weekend so here you are. I hope you like the video, give it a thumbs up and if you haven't already, please go and subscribe to my channel. I really had fun making this video and I promise to produce more in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Video by Yours Truly

Photos by Yours Truly and DFS Group