Back to Basics in Camo Jacket and Red Boots

Camo Jacket and Red Boots

Holler, fellas! I've kept these images in the archive for long, figured it's about time to share before the outfit becomes irrelevant as our dear old Macau's weather drastically changes from Winter to Summer. Yes, Spring is non-existent here unless you consider overcast, 25 degrees, and 99% humidity Spring. 

So, the outfit.

It's rare for me to fall in love with heels nowadays but with certain details such as a chunky odd-shaped heel in just the right height, I get sold. This pair is one of those that caught my eye, from Taobao, of course, because I'd rather spend less money on heels and save more for sneakers. But no regrets on these because they are really good quality, not the cheap synthetic leather kind. Comfortable too, if I might add, which is top priority with shoes for me so it's a really great purchase.

Red Leather Boots

Camo Jacket and Red Boots

Camo Jacket and Red Boots

Camo Jacket and Red Boots

Camo Jacket

Camo Jacket and Red Boots

I wore this for a day running errands with Pierre and funnily enough, when we met, we were twinning in some way. And no, we didn't plan or talk about it. It always just happen that when we meet, we're wearing the same colours or similar styles; coordinating without even trying. I guess having been together for so long, we already think alike, run the same wave, and adopt each others' style.

Twinning in Camo and Red

On another note, I'm off to something exciting in Manila this coming weekend. Penguin and I are attending the Wanderland Festival and super stoked that we'll get to watch the live performance of some of our current favourite artists - we'll, his and mine. He's always had a little crush on Jess Connelly and I currently can't stop listening to Daniel Ceasar, and what do you know, they both will be performing at the festival!

I've never been to a music festival in Manila while the closest I ever got to Coachella is Hong Kong's Clockenflap festival. But knowing how big festival spaces are and how wild the music crowd in Manila is, I'm sure it's going to be double hella fun! I'll keep you posted of course but as usual, I'll be on Instagram more often so feel free to follow along (@misscarlaviolet).

So yes, the next I talk to you, I'll be in the mothaland. See you in Manila, wanderers!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Jacket : Macau Vintage Market][Jeans : H&M, remade][Tee : Pleasures][Boots : Taobao][Bag : Stylenanda][Sunnies : FF Studio]


  1. Amazing outfit, I love it, love your blog as well. Thank you for sharing, you look gorgeous.



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