Living up to the name | Violets and Nudes

Hey ya'll! Just realized I haven't posted in four days which is long considering I have no excuse for work or business. It's not for a lack of content or images to publish, really. I just got too comfortable at home, reading and watching movies, and when I'm on the internet, I'm on youtube and Instagram so let's just say this space was the last thing on my mind, which is weird given that this is my primary platform. But anyways, here I am with this outfit post that's been sitting in the drafts for the past few days.

I've been meaning to share this look with ya'll yesterday but I had a last minute dinner invitation by Macau Lifestyle to try out the new Indian restaurant and bar in Taipa Village called Goa Nights which took up most of my time last night - not a bad thing, in fact it's rather a good thing because Pierre and I enjoyed the delectable selection of fusion Indian cuisine we had plus unique drinks crafted perfectly by the head bartender and manager, Chetan. But let's not get into too much details about that, if you want to know more, stay tuned on my Youtube channel and of course, Macau Lifestyle for my review article going up there sometime this month.

Now going back to the outfit - there's a couple of things that I haven't used since I received them, namely this hat from Sweet Skateboards courtesy of Michael from Popkorn & Wardrobe K; and this lippie from Colourpop Cosmetics x My Little Pony that I'm wearing which was a birthday gift from one of my friends, and I realised they went so well together so I decided to live up to my name and wear the colour for that day - with the addition of some neutrals of course. I also recently bought a new pair of sunglasses from Sunnies Studios when we were in Manila which is in the same shade so the whole outfit just kind of when around the colour purple and here we are.

I went a little crazy filming today - by crazy I mean running up and down our building from our flat to the 3rd floor patio where I set up my little backdrop and tripod, changing clothes in between takes, creating a lookbook video for ya'll. I'm about to review the clips and see if I can create a decent video so I'll keep you posted. If all is well, then you'll see that up in on the channel this weekend so stay tuned.

In the mean time, let's say good bye for now as I need to get all the files transferred and sorted out before I head out to dinner with the fambam.

Here's to a lovely weekend!!!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : H&M][Jacket : Stussy Women][Trousers : GU][Sneakers : NikeLab][Hat : Sweet Skateboards][Sunnies : Sunnies Studios][Bag : Gucci]