H&M Conscious Exclusive '18 Collection Preview

As a person who's into clothes, I feel that I'm partially responsible for contributing to the huge amount of unwanted garments going to waste and so the idea of recycling clothes is something I've always supported. In my own little ways, I try to minimise my contribution to the landfill by giving away my clothes to people who need them more; donating them to charities if not re-selling them; and occasionally when I have spare time, I re-create new pieces out of my old clothes. I feel like majority of the people the fashion industry, whether playing a huge part or not, are all aware of this huge problem but not everyone seems to be doing anything about it. So it's great to see several brands out there who are trying to do right by clothes recycling creating initiatives. 

H&M is one of the few that's been doing this for a while with its Close the Loop garment collection initiative with the long term goal of having zero clothes going to waste. The garments collected are re-used as raw materials to create new products, a collection that's known to us as the Conscious Exclusive Collection.

I was invited once again to preview the latest Conscious Exclusive Collection at the H&M showroom in Hong Kong and it's amazing seeing the beautiful new garments made out of recycled and sustainable materials; a ballgown in grass green floral metallic jacquard of recycled polyester; an intricately detailed white gown derived from recycled fish nets; and exclusive jewelries of recycled silver.

The collection was designed in partnership with Swedish artists Karin and Carson Larsson, taking inspiration from home interior designs as seen on the prints and patterns in the pieces; tapestry-inspired prints; jacquards and abstract embroideries inspired by specific home pieces; colour-palette of greens, slate grey, white, and black, with touches of  silver, powder pink, dusky blue, and persimmon.

The Conscious Exclusive 2018 Collection will be available on 19 April, 2018 the H&M store - Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay and Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, and for those outside of Hong Kong like myself, we can catch the collection at the H&M online store (hm.com).

Now, going back to garment recycling, if you'd like to help in your own little way in minimising unwanted garments going into landfills which we all what could potentially lead to, you can always participate in H&M Close the Loop program. From now until April 22, anyone who donates their unwanted garments, in  any brand, any condition, to any H&M stores, will receive double vouchers of 10% discount on one item on their next purchase.

I know that in this blog, I'm not very vocal about my beliefs or opinions on matters as political or environmental issues because I believe in keeping your opinions to yourself when consequences can ripple and not necessarily for the good. But trust that in my own little ways, I try to help with what I can. I'm multifaceted and not just all about dressing up, you know.


Photos by Yours Truly

P.S. I vlogged about the H&M Conscious Collection Preview event so watch if you fancy and please do give a thumbs up if you like the video. Really appreciate it!


  1. This collection looks so amazing and I love all of your photos! Great blog post!

    Kristen Tanabe
    Elizabeth, Marie, and Me


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