Bringing Back Grandpa Style

I've always wanted to visit American thrift-stores and find gems. As soon as the word came out of my aunt's mouth, I knew I had to ask her to drive us to the nearest one where we were staying at in Fremont and have my very first local thrifting experience. Mind you, it's not at all a glamorous process.

I don't know why but I had always imagined American thrift-stores were all like Buffalo Exchange - a store so trendy, vibrant, with that retro kind of vibe; a sight for sore eyes. If you've been to one of their stores, you'd know what I mean. But where my aunt drove us to was nothing close to what I imagined. IT was the cheapest of the cheapest there is (now having been to several of the well-known ones the likes of Goodwill). It was a very dull-looking store that I realised I would actually never even bother going into if I that was in Macau. But I asked for it so there I went.

Racks of denims and outdated womenswear clothing greeted us upon entrance. As usual, I was drawn towards the men's section which honestly only ever consisted of stuff that not even my grandpa would wear if he were alive (bless his soul). But I still had to check it out anyway. A few minutes in and I was already losing interest. But then Penguin comes up to me with this pair of plaid grandpa trousers in size that's so perfect for me (even without trying on, I could already feel it), and after browsing through the other racks, I came upon this double XL long-sleeve dirty green shirt that looks really cool worn as an oversize top or a shirt dress, and I knew the whole trip wasn't a lost cause after all.

But what made this purchase all worth it is the fact that I got both of these items for only $1.50. Yes, you read right! One dollar and fifty! I couldn't believe it too. Never in my life did I think I'd be able to buy an outfit for only $1.50. I went home that day quite proud of myself.

These photos were essentially taken in downtown San Francisco one cold, gloomy morning. I'd originally planned on wearing just the pieces that I bought from the thrift-store but it was too windy in the city and I couldn't manage without layering up with a jacket so I just had to.

I still don't understand how the weather works in San Francisco because the few days following after these photos were taken, the temperature suddenly dropped. In May, what is that all about? But I ain't complaining no more because as I type, am sitting comfortably in our AirBnb in the warmer South, Los Angeles no less. My excitement is up once again and I can't wait to keep sharing more with ya'll. But for now, let's wrap this up and I'll talk to you guys again soon.

Signing off from Lala-land!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top and Bottoms : Thrifted][Sneakers : CDG Play x Converse][Sunnies : FF Studio][Bag : Stylenanda][Hat : Millitage][Jacket : Pull & Bear]


  1. Loving your earrings! And so jealous you're in San Fran :) Hope the American thrift stores lived up to expectations haha!



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