Colours of Haight

One of the areas that I was really excited to visit here in San Francisco is the Haight-Ashbury streets. It's one of those hipster districts bustling with colourful street arts, artisan cafes, vintage stores, and independent boutiques that Penguin and I are always drawn to. We make it a point to visit these kinds of districts where there is whenever we travel and this time around is no exception.

On our second day, we commuted to the district and boy did it not disappoint. I think our excitement got the better of us hence the lack of vibrant images that otherwise would have dominated this post. The moment we started walking along Haight Street, we got distracted by real-life hippies chilling and smoking pots along the sidewalks; neon signs lighting up windows of shops that we are just so curious to get into; most of all sneaker stores that we only ever saw on the internet at once were just blogs building hype around sneakers (Nice Kicks, I see you!). It was all just too much to take in that we almost forgot we had a ton of cameras with us (and I mean that literally, take your pick from film or digital, point and shoots or DSLR) that by the time we remembered, we're halfway across the whole strip that makes up Haight.

Looking back to that day last week, my cousin says there's still a couple of stuff that we missed out on, so Penguin and I are going to make it a point to revisit the area one last time this weekend before we hit LA. Pray this time, I'll get to stay longer in the vintage stores and cop a few things.

On another note, as mentioned we're heading off to LA right after memorial day and while my drafted itinerary is quite packed, I'm super excited. I know right now there's so much work for me to do, content-creation-wise; photos to edit piling up; videos to edit delays; but I'm trying my best to work on them as much as I can while really just enjoying this whole trip. I mean after all, this is all about just figuring things out and having fun so why pressure myself right? Ya'll need to take social media a little less serious sometimes. This little hub started out to be just something that I do for fun so it's only fitting that keeping it up and running should always be fun.

Have a fun memorial day weekend, ya'll!


Photos by Pierre Elma


  1. Love these pictures as usual.I want to visit all these places you talk about.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  2. Love all the graffiti! Such a cool looking place.



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