Downtown San Francisco Rush

I've never been to the big apple but I can imagine San Francisco coming close in terms of the city rush, specially the Financial District. The streets are swarmed up with people from different walks of life going about their businesses, and I mean that literally. Only in San Francisco have I encountered different types of weird people that made me realize everything we see in the movies are quite accurately true.

There's homeless people sleeping right out the doors of banks; people talking to themselves as if arguing with another person in their head. It's pretty normal in the area where someone would just walk up to you and ask random questions. Oh and the icing of it all, at least in our experience, is witnessing shoplifters go about their agenda right before our eyes. One of them even proclaimed to the whole store that he's a shoplifter and that he was about to steal from the store, then he went ahead and did the deed. Like, what the F was that? Seriously.

Forgive me for sounding mean, perhaps it's just me being a complete newbie to the US of A; perhaps this IS in fact normal around here and they just ignore that the problem exist. Just like what our Lyft driver told us tonight as we drove back to where we are currently staying at in LA. Yes, we are currently in LA but let's talk about that in another post.

But in all honesty, I can't deny that San Francisco is a beautiful city and the rush makes for some cool images. In that regard, Penguin and I took lots of photos as we do so very passionately whenever we travel, for your viewing pleasure. Hope ya'll enjoy looking at San Francisco through our point of view.

On another note, as mentioned, we are currently in LA and boy am I loving it here. I've much more to share with ya'll but let's take this one post at a time. Promise, there's be plenty of travel stories coming your way. For now, let me end this one right here.

Have a great week ahead!!!


Photos by Pierre Elma


  1. Mybe you visited San Francisco in full moon hahaha. These were really akward situations, but anyway the city looks really cool, and you did take great pictures of it. I wish I could visit LA at least once in my life. Have a nice week!


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