Modern Disney Princess at Disney Concert Hall | LA Vlog

Long before Instagram was considered a legit blogging platform and Insta-worthy spaces were merely a thing, I'd seen the Disney Concert Hall around from the Cali-based bloggers that I follow and I always thought the place had so much to offer for a photo backdrop. Took a mental note that I'd visit it one day, have my take on the notable curved, metallic walls, and post my own #ootd photos on Instagram. Well, here we are a few years later albeit the hype on this space has come and gone. Still, it's an item ticked off my list of must-visit Instagram spaces so no regrets.

I have to say though, I always thought I'd come prepared for this photo op in a billowy dress or a really put-together outfit with high heels to boot. Turns out I can never really plan an outfit way ahead of time as people's tastes changes, and so did mine. I'd just bought these sneakers a few days before coming to LA, on a whim at the Nike outlet store in San Francisco, and wore them out of eagerness in proving to myself that I did not just make an impulsive purchase while the sneaker stores in Hollywood had better stocks than I could have selected from, never mind where we were headed to for the day so you can say this was not what I had in mind for an outfit photo at the Disney Concert Hall. Luckily, Pierre and I always manage to make it work. Consider this your modern day version of a princess decked in streetwear inspired pieces and a pair of classic Jordan sneakers. Sounds about right now, don't it?

Jokes aside. The Disney Concert Hall did not disappoint in being Instagram-worthy alright. I think for the most part, the metallic walls creates futuristic appeal and ultimately gives it a really cool vibe. Add to it the natural light hitting the walls in all the right directions make for perfect photo setting.

On a slightly but not entirely unrelated note, there's a new video on my youtube channel sharing with ya'll clips from when we explored downtown LA, including this area. I honestly did not record a lot when we were there because LA can be a bit overwhelming in terms of size and things to see so upon editing the video, I realised I didn't have enough clips where I was taking and supposedly telling you guys more about the areas, hence the video is shorter than my usual VLOGS. But oh well, it happens. It gets hard to multi-task when you're travelling and I guess I'll just have to do better next time. But anyway, please do watch it if you will, I'll embed it down below or you can head to my channel right here, and please do subscribe if you haven't already!

Photos by Pierre Elma


[Top : Zara][Coat : Dorothy Perkins][Sneakers : Jordan][Trousers : Zara][Bag : Supreme][Sunnies : GU]