Crop it Like it's Hot

I'm currently obsessed with layered cropped tops. I think they make perfect sense for the current weather given cropped tops are breezy to wear under the heat all the while looking stylish. Ever since I cropped out this camo tee a few weeks ago, I've thought about doing the same for the other tees in my closet that I no longer use. It's a practical way to reinvent the pieces that I have and make them trendy and wearable again. This morning finally had time to dig 'em out and snip 'em up like there's no tomorrow. All I can say is I'm pretty satisfied with the results and I can't wait to style them into outfits and share here.

Meanwhile, let's talk about my make up. Shocking, I know. Who am I? Well, recently I've been watching a lot of beauty Youtubers' videos and I guess I was inspired to follow suit and create a look on my own. If you've been a reader for a while now, you'd know I'm not big on make up but of course, I'm still a girl and I get into it occasionally. So it's one of those days when I'm feeling a little extra and wanted to put multiple layer of products onto my face. I'm no pro but I guess I didn't do half bad, eh?

Anywhooo, nothing much to update. Life's been slow the past few days and I've just been enjoying the little moments I have to myself plus been catching up with friends and family. This might be random but if there's something I learned going through the phases that I've gone through in life is that it's important to show people you care about that you do, in simple ways like asking them out for lunch or coffee, and just update on each others' lives whenever you get the chance. The shortest time is already much appreciated and you never know how you can affect or change someone's day simply by talking to them. Also been trying to change my mindset about everything - how we see status, work, money, materials. I think majority of us don't realise that nearly everything that makes us disappointed or unhappy is of our own doing. Perception is everything and how we see and respond to things affects is what makes up our emotions. So there, just trying to live and send off positive vibes. Hope ya'll have an amazing week!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Cropped Top : DIY][Bralette : Calvin Klein][Trousers : Thrifted at Buffalo Exchange][Sneakers : Converse x CDG][Bag : Ross]