Fastfood x Fashion | LA Summer Mixtape

Ok, so this post is delayed by a day but here we are and as a follow up to my previous post promising a video, well, I'm happy to announce that said video is now up on the channel! If you haven't already, go ahead and watch now!

Meanwhile, let's talk about this outfit. This is essentially what I wore on our first full day in Los Angeles. It was a gloomy morning and I thought the weather won't get any better but sometime in the afternoon, the blue skies made itself visible to us for a short while. I was the happiest then seeing LA for it's known beauty for the very first time.

We headed straight to West Hollywood, the Hollywood Boulevard to be exact, tracking down for stars and whatnot. To be quite honest, the place is not as glamorous as one would think. I did mention it it in a VLOG called "What I think About LA" uploaded a few weeks ago along with an awkward encounter, watch it here! It's a tourist town to say the least and while there's a lot of fanfare going on, they're all really to make money off of visitors strolling along the boulevard. But don't get me wrong, I was entertained at the sight of everything - the theatres, the street performers, the shops. It's still worth going to at least once for a first time visit to LA.

We took these photos in some corner along Sunset Boulevard while on the hunt for Guitar Center. Music will always be a part of our lives and where we go where we can, a music store will always be in one of the stops. So off we went. Unfortunately and most unexpectedly, everything Pierre needed to buy were also out of stock in the store. He resorted to buying on Amazon and shipped to our BnB the following day, which, as he's come to realise, is very addicting because it is the most difficult thing for us living in Macau to buy stuff from Amazon. Ugh. So in the few days that followed, he ordered a couple of items more just because.

Anyway, after Guitar Center, we went back to Hollywood Boulevard, tried to get a closer look at the Hollywood sign from below, and spent most of the afternoon window-shopping before looking for a place to eat and retiring back to our Bnb.

So that was it, a pretty chill start for our two-week stint in LA. And finally, here's the video. Also, make sure to head to my channel to watch the VLOG from the day these photos were taken!