Summer Soldier in Pink Camo Trousers

So I haven't been shooting outfits since we came back from the US. After going through all the images we shot there, I knew I had content more than enough to last me for two months. And I do, but truth be told one month later, I still haven't post processed them all. So fair warning guys, there's more coming. But I'm slowly getting back to the original routine of things and this week, I've decided to start shooting outfits again. So here we are.

This is actually part of a lookbook video that I'm planning to put up soon. I thrifted a couple of things in the US and thought it would be great to style them all in a video so that's what I'm doing. For this particular outfit, it's all about this very pink camo trousers that I got from Buffalo Exchange in San Francisco. Honestly, after purchasing them, I realised they weren't a bargain. However I don't regret picking them up because, one: I've always wanted a pair of dope ass camo pants that I could wear with other streetwear pieces; two: I wouldn't really be able to find a pair like this in Macau; and three: they fit so well I can't stop wearing them these days. So for $30, I'm not mad. Not mad at all.

Today is another one of those very humid, sticky, hot Summer days in Macau and I couldn't care less that I had to expose my untoned arms and food baby. Survival is priority. This tube top was the breeziest piece I found in my closet and it went perfectly with the trousers. I love a good juxtaposition of a feminine piece against a masculine silhouette and that's what this outfit is all about. Took out one of my all-time favourite sneakers to add another pop of colour (as if the pink wasn't popping enough), then threw on some signature hoop earrings, clout goggles, and my trusty fanny pack for good measure.

On a more personal note, my short stint as a production field assistant is over. I can't say I didn't have a lot of fun, meeting new people, surprisingly conversing in Cantonese more than I've ever done so in my working life and discovering that I'm actually better at it than I give myself credit for, and learning new things. But I have to admit that at some point, it got pretty tough I wasn't sure I'd make it through the day. Anyway, as much as I enjoyed the unique experience, I'm glad that it's over and am happy to be getting back to the norm of things. 

This coming week, I'm picking up where I left off with working out, doing lunch dates with friends, an excursion to Hong Kong perhaps, smoothing out final details for the next trip which I'll tell you all about later on, and back to editing/post-processing for new content. Like I said, back to the usual grind and I can't wait to get productive.

Enjoy the rest of the week, hunneys!


Photos by Pierre Elma