Beauty Confession | GRWM Cosmetics Haul

I know I have this section somewhere on the blog but beauty isn't really something I often talk about in any of my social platforms. For one, I'm not a make up kind of person and if you're an OG reader since day one, you'd know that so well. Looking as natural as possible is what I'm all about and that doesn't just apply to make up but everything else - skin care, body care, etc; I don't use any fancy facial wash, just classic H20; never had any derma treatment or whatsoever; and if I'm feeling a little dull, looking a little glum, I'd go for a run and workout a little to bring back that bit of natural glow to my skin. But of course, I'm still a girl and more often than not I get tempted to try out things that are trending in the beauty world so before you go on judging, hear me out.

On my sporadic pursuits to look the natural part without putting so much effort, I have in fact tried waxing, temporary eyelash implants, teeth whitening treatments, teeth braces, coloured contacts, and gel nails. Nothing more out of the ordinary, at least not that I can recall anymore. The thing is, I enjoy doing these things but the maintenance, darling, is a setback. I hate doing any kind of maintenance. Plus, you gotta admit, it can be pretty expensive. 

That brings us to my second point: Cosmetics are (or used to be) costly. While I do like the occasional glam particularly when I have to attend events or parties and whatnot, I wouldn't spend thousands of money on products that I'd only use once in a blue moon. So all these factors lead to  my current standing with cosmetics in general. 

Enter stage right affordable cosmetics. That's how it is these now, isn't it? My recent trip to the US opened my eyes up just how long I've been living under a rock (read: Macau). Apparently, I only never see the options readily available to other people in other countries. All the expensive cosmetic brands that I only ever see from youtube beauty gurus can be purchased at such huge discounts that I'm willing to dive in and hoard without thinking twice (and I kinda did). Brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, bareMinerals, Too Faced, Stila, ugh... the list goes on. I was shookt. Next thing you know, I've been hogging the cosmetics racks of every Ross, Marshalls, TJMaxx, and Nordstrom Racks that we visit.

Now back to Macau, I've started playing around with the items that I acquired from the trip. And you know what, it's quite addicting. So much so that my boredom is stifled the past couple of days as I've been trying out different looks and following make up tutorials. And I can't get enough of them.

The more I played around with the products, the more I understood why make up people can never have enough eyeshadow palettes or foundation options. Much like how I can never have enough pairs of sneakers. Suddenly all I want to spend my money on these days are sneakers and cosmetics. Boom. Who am I?

Anyway, that being said, here are a couple of basic looks that I managed to snap. But see, even with the looks I tried to create - they verge towards the more natural, sort of dewy look. I guess some habits are hard to break.

Now before I end this entry, I did do a kind of Cosmetics Haul video on my youtube channel - a Get Ready With Me Video featuring said products that I bought from the states so if you'd like to see them, watch the video below if you haven't already.

Have a beautiful weekend, ya'll!



Photos and video by yours truly