Need Cleavage? UPBRA Stay-up Strapless Bra Review

UPBRA reached out to me last month to review some of their Instagram-popular products. Curious as I am... OK, and honestly low-key giddy to see if their any of their products can actually make it look like I have something up there, make me feel a little sexier somehow (because what girl doesn't want that?), I agreed. In less than a week, I managed to receive the said products. Now, note the timeline - this happened when I was still in the US. I had them ship the products to me where we were staying at the time and I'm saying this because of two things:

1. As I checked their site today, they don't ship to Macau (but yes to Hong Kong and the Philippines).
2. Unlike most other reviews you might have come across, I won't be able to show you the packaging.

What I can tell you about the latter though, is that the packaging is neat and well thought of given that the size of the box fits exactly the length of the bras so that they don't get deformed while in transit.

So UPBRA sent me two of the same items but in different sizes - the UPBRA Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless bra which, true enough, lives up to its name. But we'll get to that bit later.

Two of these arrived - one in white in a size 34B, and another in nude  in a size 32C. The brand is keen on providing the right bra sizes for their customers so the reason why I have two of them is for me to try both and see which one am I most comfortable wearing. 

Generally speaking, I don't feel much difference from the two. For the most part, I guess because I don't really have anything up there that the cup can hold (certified flat-chested, raise your hands up). Where I feel the difference though is the tightness of the band. The 32C is, of course, tighter than the 34B and I found myself reaching for the latter whenever I'm in need to wear a strapless bra.

Mind you, these bras come with a pair of straps. But as it is Summer and I'm usually wearing barely there tops where I'd rather my bra straps aren't visible, I prefer wearing them without the straps. Which brings us to the point where I mentioned that these bras live up to their name.

I've had very bad experiences with other strapless bras where I constantly need to pull them up because they slide down so easily. It's not a pretty thing to do in public, you know. These bras, however, do stay put. According to the brand's website, the stay-up strapless bras have specially formulated grips attached to the bands which helps keep 'em up. I guess the grip is doing its job well. I'd know because I've been wearing these bras since I got them.

Now, here comes the interesting part. The part where nonexistent cleavage suddenly comes to existence. I'd rather you watch the video below to see the bran in action but for a quick reference, here's an image comparison of my how chest looks like braless; wearing a regular bra; and wearing the UPBRA stay-up bra.

I know it's not just me, you do see the subtle change in there, don'y you? Instant cleavage courtesy of UPBRA's cleavage control straps at the center of UPBRA's activelift technology. In the video, you'll see how the cleavage control looks like, which allows you full control of how plump you want your cleavage to be. In my case, it's only pulled down a little so that the enhancement is natural-looking. 

In addition to the cleavage control straps and lock technology, there's an extra grip support inside the bra cups that ensures your cleavage stays up. These come in very cute looking tiny heart shapes. You can read all about the UPBRA technology here.

I didn't include a lot images since I did a video review which is better than stills images so I do recommend watching it for a closer look on the bras. 

Have a fabulous weekend!