Cathedral Square | Barcelona VLOG

Here's my take on a casual transitional outfit from Summer to Fall this year, worn in Barcelona, no less. I was expecting a chillier Spain when we are arrived, forgetting the it is actually situated in the southern part of Europe. That being, it is usually rather warmer compared to the rest of the continent. Still, I managed to wear thin layers.

This Cheap Monday shirt dress, being the thinnest outerwear that I had with me took centerstage the moment I realised I couldn't wear the other jackets that I brought on this trip. I originally planned on wearing it as it is - a dress. Thankfully, it's such a versatile piece that doubles as an outerwear worn with its buttons opened, that I could wear it with most of the other items I brought with me. I particularly like the contrasting stitch which gives it an interesting appeal. But what I like most about this piece is its cut and silhouette. Wearing makes me look slimmer and somehow taller (or at least that's how it makes me feel like).

I wore this over my bridesmaid dress as seen on my last post, as well as my reception dress after the wedding ceremony. It was the perfect cover up that added a much needed edge to my otherwise both very feminine, pink dresses.

These images were taken at the square in front of Barcelona Cathedral on our last day in the city. I've yet to share with ya'll the images that Pierre and I took on this particular day but ya'll can check out some of our Barcelona visuals from my previous post. And if you prefer moving stills, my first VLOG is already up on youtube. Watch the video below or head to my YT channel.



Photos by Pierre Elma


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