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Our last day in Barcelona was essentially the most productive one in terms of visiting the tourist sites. Finally, after a few days of strolling the streets of the Gothic Quarters, we expanded and made our way to the popular tourist attractions within the city.

We got on a hop-on/hop-off tour bus which I'm sure ya'll are familiar with how it works but if not, it simply means that the bus has this specific route that takes you to all the popular tourists attractions a city has. Easy enough to understand, right? But personally (and perhaps this is just me), I think it's not the best way to see a place. For one, it cost quite a lot - in Barcelona, we paid EUR30. Sure, it is convenient in a way that you won't have to navigate on your own and you're less likely to get lost. But to me, you don't really experience the city without walking the streets, seeing every turn and the little alleyways those lead to; instead you're just sitting on the bus most of the time. But my opinions aside, it was a group thing and I don't really have much say on everyone else's decision so off we went.

Our main destination was, of course, the famous Sagrada Familia Basilica. The ever under construction and never fully completed monstrosity of a church. I'm saying that in a very positive tone because by all means, the church is gigantic yet magnificent. Unfortunately, we did not pre-book tickets to enter the church which, if you're super keen on seeing it from the inside, it's best to buy your tickets online before visiting. Our bus route was designed in that the Sagrada Familia stop was the 13th or so, if I remember correctly. Imagine the length of the ride and the amount of stops we had to go through before reaching our main destination. One of the reasons why I didn't thing the bus ride was necessary. By the time we got there, the queue was so long there was no way we would even dare line up. And not that I don't it's worth paying EUR40 for an express pass but that on top of the bus tickets which in the first place, I already thought was not worth it? Lemme pass for this one, thanks. So no, we were not able to get in. Bummer.

Our next destination was Park Guell. Another case no pre-booking, no entry sort of situation. This was, to me, a real bummer because I wanted so badly to take outfit photos inside the park. Now, Park Guell as I understand is really just a park. But if you're a lover of nature and appreciate design and architecture, then this is something not to be missed in Barcelona. The pictures that I see on the Internet within the park are just beautiful. Thankfully, some parts of the park were open to public without having to queue up for a ticket or anything, so we settled. It was still worth the hike.

Speaking of, if you're taking the tourist bus, the Park Guell stop is quite far from the actual park and requires walking on a slope. Once you've reached the top of the slope, there's a staircase you'll need to climb up to in order to reach the park entrance. It isn't a friendly route so if you're planning to do same as we did, bear that in mind. Personally, I'd recommend to take public bus to get there. There's a bus stop by the entrance of the park so you won't need to walk so much.

The other two sites I personally wanted to visit were Casa Mila and Casa Batllo. Alas, we were out of time that I was only able to spot the latter from the bus. We still had plans to get back to Placa Catalunya, do some last minute souvenir shopping at Las Ramblas, and find a nice restaurant for some much needed Spanish food to make the most out of our last night. I had to let it go. I mean, I guess that's saving a reason for me to go back to Barcelona, isn't it? #PositiveThinking

Anyway, I did film a little bit while we were there and the first part of the VLOG series went up a few days ago as you might have seen in my previous post. The second part is right here so make sure to watch the video below or head to my youtube channel and see what went down during our trip.

Happy Weekend!


Photos by Pierre Elma and Yours Truly


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