Heat Proof Street Style

Bangkok's air situation is so bad, if you can't tell from these photos, I don't know what else. Between the heat and humid, pollution is an issue that one of my IG friends whom I met in Bangkok some weeks ago is convinced she could die of the city's pollution. At this point, I can't agree more. I've resorted to wearing masks, which by the way makes for a cool fashion statement (think Korean streetstyle), but even that thought makes up for the fact that it's causing an inconvenience to my fashion pursuits.

Anyhow, air talk aside, I wear as much crop tops as I can whenever I'm not headed to work to combat the heat with. If only I can show up like this to work, eh? Not that we have a dress code but still, I gotta look professional-cool without being too street nor thug. On weekends, I have full freedom. And just like back in Macau, you'll catch me full on streetstyle, more so now as  I've managed to bring with me a most of my favourite cargo pants and jeans when I flew back for New Year's (i.e. these pink camo trousers). I feel so much more myself when I'm in my streetwear clothes.

Life-wise, not much updates, really. I get lonely living out here all on my own but I'm trying to change that and making plans with some of my colleagues. Tonight, clubbing's penned down and pray the plan pushes through. Then there's a possibility of an out-of-town weekend getaway next week which, hopefully, pushes through as well. Fingers crossed. I know there's so much that can be done in Bangkok, lots of places waiting to be explored but I have not found the heart to do it alone. It makes me miss my all time partner in crime, Penguin, even more than I already do. But I'm trying.

So yeah, hope ya'll have an amazing weekend. Talk again soon!


Photos by Yours Truly

[Trousers : Thrifted, Buffalo Exchange][Tops : H&M][Hat : Chatuchak Market][Sunnies : Ratchada Night Market][Sneakers : Vans][Bag : Supreme]


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  2. Love love love the pink camo pants and belt bag - SO streetstyle cool!


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