Pattaya at Night

Just before the Christmas holidays, my little brothers came to visit me in the Land of Smiles. It was the perfect excuse for me to plan a short weekend getaway from the city and venture out to explore nearby towns. First up of course, one not to miss (or so I thought) was Pattaya beach.

I passed by Pattaya city a couple of years ago on a roadtrip to Koh Samet, and perhaps it was because I was young and naive, that I thought the place was my kind of paradise. I'd always thought of going back one day to experience what this popular beach destination has to offer. Now that I've kind of had my fair share of beach experiences (I'm giving it away now, am I?) it's safe to say, and if you guessed it right, that yes - I was not impressed. My teenage fantasy was exactly just that. A fantasy.

Don't get me wrong, I think a lot of people like it for the very reasons that I don't. It's a paradise for party junkies who are looking to get wasted starting from the early hours of the day (think 11AM) up until dawn. And repeat that allover again. A haven for those seeking meaningless physical pleasures without having to try so hard so long as you have the dollar bills (need I explain further?).

But on the positive side, there's really nothing to complain about another experience and knowing just a little bit more about Thailand, be it good or bad. I was warned. I should have seen it all along.

Otherwise, the beach could be a little enjoyable if not crowded. My brothers and I chilled out there for a while, but I've prepared a separate set of images to share with ya'll that day so let's leave that bit.

For now, here are some images from the night we strolled the streets of Pattaya Night Walking Street.

Trying to share more of my Thai-ventures before I move on to the next country so here's a vow for me to explore a little bit more (and yep, that's a hint. Won't be staying that much longer as I expected here).



Photos by Yours Truly