Summer in Winter | Pattaya Beach Weekend

Continuing on from my previous post, here are the visuals from the next day. After the shock of Pattaya at night, my brothers and I woke up to a better-looking, seemingly more family-friendly Pattaya.

I particularly chose a budget hotel nearby the beach so that we could make our way there on foot. The beach was, after all, what I wanted to see. But it wasn't quite what I expected, still. Perhaps it was my own fault for setting expectations quite high in a sense that I thought the experience would be somewhat similar to that of Boracay. I was proven wrong once again. But that didn't really stop us from hanging around anyways.

We picked a spot underneath a coconut tree, opting to lay our towels on the sand instead of renting beach chairs because where's the fun in that? Bought some fresh young coconut to sip on. The heat was overpowering that there was a need for us to constantly quench our thirst. An hour or two passed and we decided that we needed to find a place to have some smoothie.

Alas, it was not that easy to find one. Majority of the beachside resto-bars only served alcohol or your basic fruit juice. We walked along Pattaya's main street, hopping from one resto-bar to another, asking if they served fruit shakes. You can guess what answer we got, can you? We resorted to 7/11 in defeat. What beachside restaurant does not serve fruit shakes in a tropical country? I was confused, I don't get it.

It was already noon that we decided to head to the inner part of town and find a place to eat at and came across a decent place that for once did not just cater to the alcoholics. And what do you know, they had fruit shake too! Except for mango which is my ultimate favourite. What a bummer. Clearly, it wasn't my day. I settled for banana shake which my brother had two of.

After lunch, we knew we were done with Pattaya. Mutually, we agreed to head back to the bus station and make our way back to Bangkok.

Not to discourage you or anything, I'm pretty sure a lot of people would find Pattaya fun and intriguing. The beach is beautiful, if my photos don't do it justice. I'm just saying it's not for me so don't take my word for it. Go and experience it yourself if you ever find yourself in Thailand!


Photos by Yours Truly