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Sharing this batch of Montenegro visuals before I go back end of this month and I'm piled up once again with more backlogs. As a matter of fact, I currently am once again after coming back from a long weekend trip to Bali. But let's leave that for another discussion. It's safe to say I'll be back with more regular posts starting from today.

So Montenegro, what can I say that I haven't said already in my previous posts? There's really nothing much because I didn't really go out to the city. I wish I could, dang I would if I could. Hopefully in the next visit but we'll see. What I wanted is really to just share this 'fit and more of this beautiful view from my where I stood at the time.

I was going for a modern kinda fisher grandpa ya feel me? The white hoodie really stood out against the perfect hues of blues in my surroundings making the whole outfit look fresh and nearly Summer ready. I say nearly because it isn't quite Summer in Montenegro just yet. Until we go back.

Anyway, coming back with more visuals this time from an actual Summer getaway so stay tuned. For now, I bid you goodnight and have a great week ahead!


Photos by Yours Truly

[Hoodie : Forever 21][Trousers : Thrifted][Hat : Millitage][Sneakers : Converse]


  1. great view
    and love your look

    Mrs. Aa


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