Bali In Film | A Visual Montage

So I know it's been months since my trip to Bali with Penguin but he recently just got his film rolls developed which included shots from the said trip so I thought to go back, reminisce, and share them with you guys.

These were taken on our last day, essentially the most chill day we've ever had among all our travels together. We pretty much spent the whole day at the beach - 2 different beaches in Bali might I add.

In the morning we went to Pandawa Beach which was in the Uluwatu area. A little less touristy because the area is far off from the center and a bit pricier but it was really nice. Had our driver take us to a local place for lunch before we made our way to Seminyak, the center of all happenings in Bali.

One in Pierre's list of must visits is Potato Head Beach Club. The influence of instagram won over so had to find a way to get there somehow. We were staying in Uluwatu area to put some context so it was about an hour's drive getting there, give or take depending on traffic. But we made it regardless and it was the best decision we ever made on this trip.

The club is pricey, as expected. But the vibe is all we're for. Music selection was lit, the setup was made for perfect relaxation, palm trees surrounding the grass lounge overlooking the beach, it was like being in an Adam Sandler movie (because you know, his movies are always set in an exotic island vacation somewhere). I just loved it. The best part was watching the blue skies turn pink to orange to purple as the sun was setting. It felt surreal. Magical.

Obviously sunset photos were mandatory. I have a lot more on my phone and in Pierre's camera if I need to prove a point. But I think it's not necessary.

What's necessary however is a video montage of this trip that finally, finally, Penguin finished editing! I'be been bugging him to render and export this already for so long and at last, here we are! You can watch the video below or head to my youtube channel if you will. And while you're at it, give it a thumbs up will ya! Ya girl will thank you for it. So much!

And this officially concludes my Bali travel posts. Until the next time I visit! Ha!


Photos and Video by Pierre Elma